“I am absolutely in awe of the effort Kalapriya is making to widen out its brief having been moved by this film to the degree that it has. To actually move forward and encompass more than dance and culture, because culture is what we are talking about. Anybody who cares about culture needs to address this issue of violence against women. And in being this versatile in your thinking, this open to change, you’re changing your own brief about what Kalapriya does and is doing, you’re encompassing something that is of the now. And that in itself is an active movement of generosity and commitment to change. So, my complete respect to Kalapriya.”

Leslee Udwin

Director and producer, India's Daughter

“5 star. We were lucky enough to have the funds available to hire Kalapriya for our event! The performance was amazing and the campus loved every second of it! Thank you again for your performance!”

Elgin Community College

“Pop star Shakira used an Indian flavour (having been trained by Kalapriya and featuring Kalapriya Dancers) to enthrall the audience at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards in New York.”

Times International

New Delhi, India

“But every show with Kalapriya Dance Company is an incredible opportunity, because each of their shows offers a vibrant combination of traditional Indian dance and costume, plus a cross cultural education experience. During their enchanting dance performance (duly titled “Enchanting Tales and Rhythms of India” ), performers take breaks to talk with students about Indian culture and mythology, and how symbolism plays a role in Indian dance (using examples such as hand animals, which they teach the students – see third photo below). This show at Wescott was a tribute to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, arts, music, and science.”

Anna Joranger

Urban Gateways

Tri Dhara – Intelligently structured by Kalapriya’s artistic director … a final trio brings the three streams together, briefly separates them again and ultimately dissolves all distinctions.”

Laura Molzahn

Chicago Reader

21AD Asia the tranquil marriage of a Navajo poem to Indian Dance, with the artists metaphorically drawing the elements of air and fire into her own being to express oneness with the universe… poetry narration seemed to pour forth from intensely outlined eyes.”

Chicago Tribune

“Prince Siddhartha’s sorrows and Mara’s violence were choreographed by Komal Shah in sharp contrast to the meditative introversion of the Buddha. The percussive footwork, stylized postures, gestures and costumes, the classical vocabulary of Bharata Natyam, were simplified for the contemporary audience and two of the dancers were actually non Desis. ‘Ashley Fargoli brought an intense quietude to her role as the Buddha to neutralize Akanksha Dhar as the God of Death. Anupama Bhatt as the Passionate daughter wowed the audience. The weaving in of northern Kathak and martial Kalaripayattu infused the performance with kinetic energy,’” Ranganathan told India Post.

India Post

Chakras…Mantra,Tantra,Yantra – the lovely dancers of Kalapriya dazzle with enchanting beauty…If you get a chance to see one of their performances, you won’t be disappointed.”

Yoga Chicago

Fight From The Inside – suggested that anyone wishing to overthrow tradition must, like a martial artist, exploit her opponents strength. It also suggested, tantalizingly, that those most devoted to showing the way into an art form are best equipped to identify pathways out of it.”

Chicago Reader