Expressing the Limitless through Classical Contemporary Disciplines

Kalapriya Dance Company (KDC) is a diverse and versatile artist community that practices creative exploration and training, togetherness and individual expression, on and off stage. An amalgam of highly skilled Indian dance artists from around the world, KDC focuses on technique, repertoire building, vocabulary exchange, innovation and presentation. KDC performs all year round at fully staged Kalapriya productions, collaborations, corporate and public events, festivals, parks, colleges and universities, and private events.

Drawing from the study of yoga, Indian classical music and dance, choreomusicology, martial arts, improvisation, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, modern dance and even dance theatre, KDC produces cutting-edge, original, and socially resonant work in the arena of Indian arts. Creating meaningful and enriching art is an ongoing pursuit of Kalapriya that brings together high caliber dancers, musicians, artists and visionaries.

Exploring contemporary representations of South Asian aesthetics, while preserving classical and traditional structures, Kalapriya curates, choreographs and presents full-length concerts and performances. Showcasing the entire gamut of South Asian splendor and entertainment, Kalapriya’s dynamic Artistic Team seeks new collaborations and creative partnerships. Kalapriya’s offerings have been widely recognized and appreciated in artistic communities in Chicago and across the country.

Over the years, KDC has performed at Harris Theater, Auditorium Theater, Logan Center for the Arts, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Field Museum, to name a few. You can see the list of our partners and collaborators here.