September 17, 2020

Anjali Ray – Evolution of Songs from Indian Films: 1930-2017

Curated by Kalapriya Foundation, Center for Indian Performing Arts

Songs have been an integral part of Indian films since the introduction of sound in movies in 1931. Music composers have instinctively turned towards the readily available, rich cache of classical Ragas to bring out these emotive feelings. No matter the demand of the storyline, there is always a Raga they can use, which in turn has helped expose Indian classical music to a greater audience.

This production has been carefully curated to showcase the versatility and adaptability of Indian classical Ragas. Ragas are associated with emotions, moods, times of the day, or seasons. While you have heard various Ragas in their pristine and complex form through pure Hindustani and Carnatic renditions, here we wanted to showcase the Ragas’ influence on contemporary music, namely Indian cinema songs, and through that, its influence on the average listener.